Couples Therapy in Austin, Texas

George Smith Ph.D. of Austin, Texas, specializes in couples therapy and individual psychotherapy for patients. During his 35 years of practice, Dr. Smith has helped hundreds of people live more satisfying lives by confronting difficult issues.
His therapeutic manner is guided by his compassion, humor, and a strong personal desire to help lighten your emotional load. Rebuild your relationship with couples therapy from George Smith Ph.D. in Austin, Texas.
Couples Counseling
In just a few sessions, Dr. Smith is generally able to help couples understand each other better and begin to employ some solutions that improve their relationship.

The Personalized Approach
Dr. George Smith Ph.D. utilizes all of his training and experience to promote your mental health and the psychological health of your relationship. As an active therapist, he guides and coaches you to change and grow in the way you deeply desire.
When family life does not go well in one generation, it continues to go wrong for future generations unless there is an intervention to correct certain behaviors.
Through relationship therapy and marriage counseling, he helps clients create healthy family living conditions, which enhances  future relationships.

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