Relationship Therapy and Marriage Counseling in Austin, Texas

George Smith Ph.D. of Austin, Texas, helps couples reconnect with relationship therapy and marriage counseling. With Dr. Smith's advice, guidance, and articles, you learn how to build a better relationship through respect. To make therapy more affordable, Dr. Smith's fees are reimbursable on an out-of-network basis.
Client Concerns
There is no reason to suffer in silence. Dr. Smith helps you confront and overcome a variety of issues that may be affecting your relationship, including:
• Fear
• Anger
• Health
• Anxiety
• Divorce
• Financial
• Depression
• Alcoholism
• Loss or Grief
• Career or Work
• Role or Age Changes
• Relationship with Child
• Relationship with Family
• Relationship with Partner
• Relationship with Friends/Other
Diagnosable Problems
Identifying your problems is the first step in treating them. Call George Smith Ph.D. today for an accurate diagnosis of psychological conditions such as:
• Sexuality
• Anxiety/Phobia
• Sleep Disorders
• Impulse Control
• Depression/Mood
• Eating Disorders
• Adjustment Disorder
• Relationship Issues
• Personality Disorder
• Addictions/Substance Abuse
• Child/Adolescent Disorders
• Elderly Persons Disorders
• Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity

 Contact Dr. Smith at (866) 555-5555 in Austin, Texas, for relationship therapy and marriage counseling based on your specific issues.